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2020江苏农商行秋招笔试英语题库(20) 进入阅读模式

2020江苏农商行秋招笔试英语题库(20) 进入阅读模式

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韦德国际信誉官网认证Faces, like fingerprints, are unique. Did you ever wonder how it is possible for us to recognize people? Even a skilled writer probably could not describe all the features that make one face different from another. Yet a very young child — or even an animal, such as a pigeon — can learn to recognize faces. We all take this ability for granted.

韦德国际信誉官网认证We also tell people apart by how they behave. When we talk about someone’s personality, we mean the ways in which he or she acts, speaks, thinks and feels that make that individual different from others.

韦德国际信誉官网认证Like the human face, human personality is very complex. But describing someone’s personality in words is somewhat easier than describing his face. If you were asked to describe what a nice-face looked like, you probably would have a difficult time doing so. But if you were asked to describe a nice person, you might begin to think about someone who was kind, considerate, friendly, warm, and so forth.

There are many words to describe how a person thinks, feels and acts. Gordon Allports, an American psychologist, found nearly 18,000 English words characterizing differences in people’s behavior. And many of us use this information as a basis for describing, or typing, his personality. Bookworms, conservatives, military types — people are described with such terms.

People have always tried to type each other. Actors in early Greek drama wore masks to show the audience whether they played the villain’s or the hero’s role. In fact, the words “person” and “personality” come from the Latin “persona”, meaning mask. Today, most television and movie actors do not wear masks. But we can easily tell the good guys from the bad guys because the two types differ in appearance as well as in actions.

101. What is the main idea of this passage?

韦德国际信誉官网认证A. How to distinguish people both inward and outward.

韦德国际信誉官网认证B. How to describe people’s personalities.

C. How to differ good people from bad people.

D. How to distinguish people’s faces.

102. The author is most probably a ______.

A. writer

B. psychologist

韦德国际信誉官网认证C. sociologist

D. behaviorist

103. What is the meaning of the underlined word “considerate” in the passage?

A. Careful

B. Numerous

C. Open-minded

D. Helpful

104. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. People can learn to recognize faces.

B. People differ from each in appearance.

韦德国际信誉官网认证C. People can describe all the features of others.

韦德国际信誉官网认证D. Different people may have different personalities.

韦德国际信誉官网认证105. We learn from the passage that people classify a person into certain type according to ______.

A. his learning and behavior

韦德国际信誉官网认证B. his way of speaking and behaving

韦德国际信誉官网认证C. his physical appearance and his personality

D. his way of acting and thinking




104.【答案】C。解析:细节题。根据第一段倒数第二句话可知,一个很小的孩子甚至是一个动物都可以learn to recognize faces,故A项正确;根据第一段中第一句话及第三句话可知B项正确;根据第一段第二句话可知,即使一位作家也很难描述出不同人之间的所有不同特征,故C项错误;根据第二段可知,我们也可通过描述人的行为举止(即personality)来区别人,人的行为、说话、思考及感知等都是不同的,这些都是区别不同人的方面,故D项正确。







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